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The History of C & R Industries

C & R Industries started life as a transport refrigeration service company by two partners Colin Evans and Richard Duncan. This began in 1985 and was operated out of Colin's house. Over the next few years the partnership managed to secure almost every fleet refrigeration maintenance contract in the then Natal region of South Africa. Richard began a process of obtaining the supply rights to industrial engine agencies for the region, for the makes of engines that were being used in the transport refrigeration units of the day.

In 1988 the partnership split up with Colin remaining in transport refrigeration and Richard taking over the newly established industrial engines side of the company. Colin has since moved on and now lives in Atlanta USA and the friendship between the two partners remains to this day.

The industrial engine business went through a rocky road through the late 80's and early 90's and C & R Industries persevered through these difficult times in business. In May 1999 C & R Industries was given the sole distribution rights for Briggs & Stratton for the KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape regions of South Africa. This was the turning point for the company and through focus and dedication to the brand the product's market share has steadily grown since then. This distribution model has since been implemented with a number of other brands that compliment our core business that is Briggs & Stratton.

In 1990 Stan Foley, Richards father in law, joined the company assisting with telephone sales and marketing and often with financial assistance.

In 1997 Bradley Duncan joined the company as company Sales Representative and very soon became an indispensable part of the organization. Richard and Bradley have both become Master Service Technicians, an internationally recognized technical qualification provided by Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

From small beginnings the company has grown and now manufactures and distributes products at wholesale level to numerous outlets throughout Southern Africa. C & R Industries have a highly skilled technical workshop, which is able to service and maintain, petrol and diesel engines, electrical and electronic equipment such as generators and welders, hydraulic equipment, water pumps etc. C & R Industries also specialize in the design and manufacture of products to customer specifications and requirements as well as manufacturing a standard range of industrial equipment under the brand name, Predator.

Our Vision

C & R Industries has always strived to be better than the rest. We pride ourselves in being technically ahead of the opposition at all times. We ensure that all our staff are trained on our product range and become experts on each product in order to ensure we can provide the full service and warranty backup the product deserves. We are no soft touch though and will protect the brand just as hard as we will serve the customers needs. Simply, we live up to our word.

Our vision is to remain ahead of the competition, to change with the times that we are faced with trading in Africa, to be technically proficient, continue to manufacture high quality equipment and to support all the brands we are associated with.

The Future

We don't plan to be the biggest industrial equipment company, only the best. We still enjoy being in business and we still enjoy getting positive feedback from our customers. We are here for the long haul. If you buy one of our world class products, rest assured we will be around to take care of our products for a long time to come.